Sunday, March 19, 2006

micing choir

ok, so i forgot too bring a camera to turnabout, so no pics from that. it went greeat, but towards the end, the principle decided that he didnt like the playlist we were given, so we had fun running it off ipods on the spot.

so, i have a newe project. i am wiring the choir room at our school with electret mics. i am having 3 pointing at the risers and 1 pointed down in the middle for circle singing. i ordered 50$ worth of stuff for it from allelectronics, and i have a hard-core circuit diagram all written out for the phantom power and stupidity control(eg so the mics cant be on while its being progected over the pa system in the room {major fedback}). ill try to remember to take pics of that and post them when im done.

i also got a computer that my grandparents were getting rid of to replace the old mac they have for composing music. mac. i shudder. anyway, its 1 gigihertz, 40 gig hd, 128 meg of ram (small i know, but it works) and xp sp2. i have it up and running and reformatted and i think its going to work out well. i actually sorta want it for myself because its 2x as fast as mine and has 2x bigger internal hd, but its a desktop, and i use exclusivly laptops.

Thursday, February 09, 2006

turnabout and a rant

sorry bout the glaring lack of pictures, but i got nothing right now. well, turnabout is saturday at the museum, and im pretty much ready. rickey wood is helping me do it and move stuff. i found 2 big nice audio-technica speakers that are aweome and i have hooked up in parallel with the one i made, and it work well. only problem is i now have 4 massive speakers to get there, along with my lights, amp, woofer, and all the other shit i need to bring. the lights are same as last time, and most everything else is the same. i got a shure pg58 mic too. i'll try to post pics on sun. this show im running off ipods, bcause they gave us the music were supposed to play, and the order and everything, so thats really nice. no requests, yay. yea. oh, and i fixed the melted tweeters and stapled the foam to the inside of the speakers, so hopefully no more burning and no more melting.

happy dan says peace out

now for the rant.
(warning: im writing this when im overtired, which usually means i say thing i regret and dont mean verbatem)
know what pisses me off? what pisses me off is when there is a long article in the journal that talks about only our swim team, and the top 4 guys are all quoted and hailed, but i, the 5th, am not even mentioned in passing. when the results list everyone except me, even when i did just as well a everyone else. maybe i should try not swimming at state, see if they notice that. i'm sure the team would do just as well. i know i sound arrogant, but you would too if you spent almost 1000 hours every year at the pool working you ass off for 6 years, then being blown off. thats 8 full months of my life into this shit.
why? is it worth it, you ask?
in short, no.
fuck this. i may sound like an arrogant asshole, but im fucking sick of this. i've put up with it silently for 4 years. i can't tell you how much im looking foreward to quitting swimming aftere this. i act and pretend i dont care when im left out of pretty much everything the top guys do, and when a reporter interviews the top 4 guys, then says he doesent really care what i have to say, i prtend i dont care. and its fine, for a while. then it starts to build up, and grate on you. any wall will fall if you grind it enough, and i'm afraid that i'm appoaching that point. a person can only take so much.


Sunday, December 18, 2005

gig'n the night away

i did my first big gig with the speakers i made friday night, and it was awesome(it was a sis fundraiser dance). the speakers worked really well, until they got so hot that the solder joints melted and came undone and i had to fix them on the spot. Anyway, all the lights and everything worked realy well, but i later found that it is much easier to use 2 laptops instead of an ipod and a laptop, because it is a helluv a lot easier to use an instant search prog on a omputer than look through every someg that is on an ipod looking for the next song, when u usually have only anout 2:30 to do it in. Anyway, everything went well and they invited me to dj their turnabout hs dance in feb!!!

now then, about the speakers, and their thermal issues. When i took off the woofer to re-solder it (yes, i brought a soldering iron with me), i found that the magnet on the back of the woofer was so hot that if you touched it for more than about fraction of a second it would burn your finger. at the end of the dance, i noticed that the tweeters werent putting out any sound. It didn't really impact the sound quality that much, so i let it be until i got home. when i got home, i took off the tweeter, and found that the back of it had completly melted. the speaker friggen melted. anyway, i did a birthday party last night, so i wrapped one of the tweeter leads in electrical tape and put it back together so it looked nice, and i'm going to have to get new tweeters. the white things in the pictures are the mongo resistors i needed to have in parallel with the tweetere to avoid shorting out my amp. im concerned about turnabout, however, because i cant figure out the cause of the melting, and having a speaker blow out at a big hs dance is bad, so im thinking that i might hget a new set for turnabout, and use thes eiter in conjunction, or as backup. i am looking at either the first or the second one here. let me know what you think.

Also, for turnabout, i ll need a partner, because my usural guy, paul gagne, will be in the dance. they need to be very knowlegible and have good taste in music, and i will teach them how to run all the things. my problem is, i am good at everything about being a dj, except i have absolutly no taste in music.

anyway, the gigs were sweet. If you know someone that needs a dj in the milwaukee area, give them my name.

Sunday, November 06, 2005

wireless thing

you know those cheap wireless headphones? yea, we had a pair of those that we were going to get rid of, so i decided to put it to good use. I have several sound systems, one of which is in a different room, so i decided to make the headphones into a rca input for my amp in that room. i basically just took the headphoness totally apart and put rca jacks on it instead of speakers. its not a prety beast, but it gets the job done quite well.

my completed model rocket launch box

this is my basically completed 4 chanel model rocket launch box. The launch chanel shoots 12 volts down the line you have chosen, there is a testing circuit with 2 battery banks, a voltmeter for testing the launch batteries that lights up, a buzzer for launch warning, a keyswitch to engauge the launch batteris, the whole shebang. the wires hidden beneath the control panel are ubsurd, the ones in the picture are about half of them. as they ssay, a picture tells a thousand words, so eat up.

Sunday, October 30, 2005

my speakers are done!!!

alrighty folks, the moment you ve been waiting for. my speakers are done. yep thats right, finally done. they are 27'' high and the front is 18'' wide. the handles are enclosed and airtight, and the entire thing was entirly designd by me. the crossover is a 12 uf 100 volt non-polarized capasitor in line with the tweeter, with a resistor across the terminals because it is a piezo tweter and is viewed by the circuit as a capasitor. there is a 5-amp 250-volt fuse in line with everything, and the inputs are either 1/4 inch jack, banana plug, or bare wire. i added the 1/4 inch jack to the plug, as you can see in the pictures. the box is stuffed with cotton stuffing to reduce echoing within the box. the corners all have hard plastic corners, and there are feet on the bottom. the grill and evrything is on and works quite well. now, about the sound. they sound really good, very rich and full base with clear uppers from thee tweeter. they are also really loud. with the little amp you see in the pictures you can pump out enough sound to hear it several blocks away while playing halloween music, but it stays clear with very little distortion, and any that is heard is probibly caused by the amp. thats about all i got for ya now, im really excited that they're done.

Sunday, October 23, 2005

this is the awesome float my friends and i made for homecomming. all told, it took roughly 14 man-hours to build, spread over 3 days and 3 people. note me, the dude in the awesome hat, darren, all the way on the left, rickey with his back to us, and dan carp, the other dude.

Thursday, October 20, 2005

current stuff

alrighty, time for a post about what im up to. first, in case you didnt kow, i am building a pair of speakers of compleetly my own design, that are similar to, with a 12 inch woofer, 7x3 inch horn tweeter and trapazoidal carpeted box. the crossover is all soldered, everything fits, all the holes are cut, everything has been put together and carpeted, all that is left is to carpet the bottom of one of them and glue the edges, attach the corners and screw in the speakers. I have probibly spent over 30 hrs designing, makeing, ordering the parts for, designing the crossover, etc for this speaker and im really excited that its all comming together. I am building it in wood tech.

My second projct is a launch box for model rockets for physics. our project is to design a rocket that goes up to a certain feet up and is in the air a certain length of time with a payload of an egg, and i am designing and building the launch box. It is has 4 chanels in parallel that can be launched individually or simultaniously, i ahve 2 battery bankd for a test circuit to check that the llines are attachesd well, i have 2 6 volt lantern batteries powering the launch circuit, with a master keyswitch and redundent safety backup on that. all the wires leading to the launch pad are just short wires (3 inches) with alligator clops on the end to attach long wires to lead to the pad. There is a voltmeter to est the main battery bank, led's around that illiminating that, several other led things, etc. it is all in a briefcase thing made of wood and painted black that is approx 3'' deep with a 2'' lid, and 10 x 14 top-down. there are led status lights for just about everything. according to those who have seen it, the wiring diagram looks like a mess of spaghetti.

other projects on the drawing board are a dj box that is essentially a cube where the sides and front fold out to make a shield like thing, and the inside holds light panels, amplifiers, mixers, ipods, comuter, etc. also in the works is a dj light stand for my various things. i have a strobe light, fog machine, lazer light, moonlight, spotlight for disco ball, etc that would go on it.

i am considering painting my ipod, on the inside, much th way this guy did with his mac laptop. feedback on this???