Thursday, October 20, 2005

current stuff

alrighty, time for a post about what im up to. first, in case you didnt kow, i am building a pair of speakers of compleetly my own design, that are similar to, with a 12 inch woofer, 7x3 inch horn tweeter and trapazoidal carpeted box. the crossover is all soldered, everything fits, all the holes are cut, everything has been put together and carpeted, all that is left is to carpet the bottom of one of them and glue the edges, attach the corners and screw in the speakers. I have probibly spent over 30 hrs designing, makeing, ordering the parts for, designing the crossover, etc for this speaker and im really excited that its all comming together. I am building it in wood tech.

My second projct is a launch box for model rockets for physics. our project is to design a rocket that goes up to a certain feet up and is in the air a certain length of time with a payload of an egg, and i am designing and building the launch box. It is has 4 chanels in parallel that can be launched individually or simultaniously, i ahve 2 battery bankd for a test circuit to check that the llines are attachesd well, i have 2 6 volt lantern batteries powering the launch circuit, with a master keyswitch and redundent safety backup on that. all the wires leading to the launch pad are just short wires (3 inches) with alligator clops on the end to attach long wires to lead to the pad. There is a voltmeter to est the main battery bank, led's around that illiminating that, several other led things, etc. it is all in a briefcase thing made of wood and painted black that is approx 3'' deep with a 2'' lid, and 10 x 14 top-down. there are led status lights for just about everything. according to those who have seen it, the wiring diagram looks like a mess of spaghetti.

other projects on the drawing board are a dj box that is essentially a cube where the sides and front fold out to make a shield like thing, and the inside holds light panels, amplifiers, mixers, ipods, comuter, etc. also in the works is a dj light stand for my various things. i have a strobe light, fog machine, lazer light, moonlight, spotlight for disco ball, etc that would go on it.

i am considering painting my ipod, on the inside, much th way this guy did with his mac laptop. feedback on this???


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