Sunday, October 30, 2005

my speakers are done!!!

alrighty folks, the moment you ve been waiting for. my speakers are done. yep thats right, finally done. they are 27'' high and the front is 18'' wide. the handles are enclosed and airtight, and the entire thing was entirly designd by me. the crossover is a 12 uf 100 volt non-polarized capasitor in line with the tweeter, with a resistor across the terminals because it is a piezo tweter and is viewed by the circuit as a capasitor. there is a 5-amp 250-volt fuse in line with everything, and the inputs are either 1/4 inch jack, banana plug, or bare wire. i added the 1/4 inch jack to the plug, as you can see in the pictures. the box is stuffed with cotton stuffing to reduce echoing within the box. the corners all have hard plastic corners, and there are feet on the bottom. the grill and evrything is on and works quite well. now, about the sound. they sound really good, very rich and full base with clear uppers from thee tweeter. they are also really loud. with the little amp you see in the pictures you can pump out enough sound to hear it several blocks away while playing halloween music, but it stays clear with very little distortion, and any that is heard is probibly caused by the amp. thats about all i got for ya now, im really excited that they're done.


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