Sunday, November 06, 2005

wireless thing

you know those cheap wireless headphones? yea, we had a pair of those that we were going to get rid of, so i decided to put it to good use. I have several sound systems, one of which is in a different room, so i decided to make the headphones into a rca input for my amp in that room. i basically just took the headphoness totally apart and put rca jacks on it instead of speakers. its not a prety beast, but it gets the job done quite well.

my completed model rocket launch box

this is my basically completed 4 chanel model rocket launch box. The launch chanel shoots 12 volts down the line you have chosen, there is a testing circuit with 2 battery banks, a voltmeter for testing the launch batteries that lights up, a buzzer for launch warning, a keyswitch to engauge the launch batteris, the whole shebang. the wires hidden beneath the control panel are ubsurd, the ones in the picture are about half of them. as they ssay, a picture tells a thousand words, so eat up.