Sunday, December 18, 2005

gig'n the night away

i did my first big gig with the speakers i made friday night, and it was awesome(it was a sis fundraiser dance). the speakers worked really well, until they got so hot that the solder joints melted and came undone and i had to fix them on the spot. Anyway, all the lights and everything worked realy well, but i later found that it is much easier to use 2 laptops instead of an ipod and a laptop, because it is a helluv a lot easier to use an instant search prog on a omputer than look through every someg that is on an ipod looking for the next song, when u usually have only anout 2:30 to do it in. Anyway, everything went well and they invited me to dj their turnabout hs dance in feb!!!

now then, about the speakers, and their thermal issues. When i took off the woofer to re-solder it (yes, i brought a soldering iron with me), i found that the magnet on the back of the woofer was so hot that if you touched it for more than about fraction of a second it would burn your finger. at the end of the dance, i noticed that the tweeters werent putting out any sound. It didn't really impact the sound quality that much, so i let it be until i got home. when i got home, i took off the tweeter, and found that the back of it had completly melted. the speaker friggen melted. anyway, i did a birthday party last night, so i wrapped one of the tweeter leads in electrical tape and put it back together so it looked nice, and i'm going to have to get new tweeters. the white things in the pictures are the mongo resistors i needed to have in parallel with the tweetere to avoid shorting out my amp. im concerned about turnabout, however, because i cant figure out the cause of the melting, and having a speaker blow out at a big hs dance is bad, so im thinking that i might hget a new set for turnabout, and use thes eiter in conjunction, or as backup. i am looking at either the first or the second one here. let me know what you think.

Also, for turnabout, i ll need a partner, because my usural guy, paul gagne, will be in the dance. they need to be very knowlegible and have good taste in music, and i will teach them how to run all the things. my problem is, i am good at everything about being a dj, except i have absolutly no taste in music.

anyway, the gigs were sweet. If you know someone that needs a dj in the milwaukee area, give them my name.