Thursday, February 09, 2006

turnabout and a rant

sorry bout the glaring lack of pictures, but i got nothing right now. well, turnabout is saturday at the museum, and im pretty much ready. rickey wood is helping me do it and move stuff. i found 2 big nice audio-technica speakers that are aweome and i have hooked up in parallel with the one i made, and it work well. only problem is i now have 4 massive speakers to get there, along with my lights, amp, woofer, and all the other shit i need to bring. the lights are same as last time, and most everything else is the same. i got a shure pg58 mic too. i'll try to post pics on sun. this show im running off ipods, bcause they gave us the music were supposed to play, and the order and everything, so thats really nice. no requests, yay. yea. oh, and i fixed the melted tweeters and stapled the foam to the inside of the speakers, so hopefully no more burning and no more melting.

happy dan says peace out

now for the rant.
(warning: im writing this when im overtired, which usually means i say thing i regret and dont mean verbatem)
know what pisses me off? what pisses me off is when there is a long article in the journal that talks about only our swim team, and the top 4 guys are all quoted and hailed, but i, the 5th, am not even mentioned in passing. when the results list everyone except me, even when i did just as well a everyone else. maybe i should try not swimming at state, see if they notice that. i'm sure the team would do just as well. i know i sound arrogant, but you would too if you spent almost 1000 hours every year at the pool working you ass off for 6 years, then being blown off. thats 8 full months of my life into this shit.
why? is it worth it, you ask?
in short, no.
fuck this. i may sound like an arrogant asshole, but im fucking sick of this. i've put up with it silently for 4 years. i can't tell you how much im looking foreward to quitting swimming aftere this. i act and pretend i dont care when im left out of pretty much everything the top guys do, and when a reporter interviews the top 4 guys, then says he doesent really care what i have to say, i prtend i dont care. and its fine, for a while. then it starts to build up, and grate on you. any wall will fall if you grind it enough, and i'm afraid that i'm appoaching that point. a person can only take so much.