Sunday, March 19, 2006

micing choir

ok, so i forgot too bring a camera to turnabout, so no pics from that. it went greeat, but towards the end, the principle decided that he didnt like the playlist we were given, so we had fun running it off ipods on the spot.

so, i have a newe project. i am wiring the choir room at our school with electret mics. i am having 3 pointing at the risers and 1 pointed down in the middle for circle singing. i ordered 50$ worth of stuff for it from allelectronics, and i have a hard-core circuit diagram all written out for the phantom power and stupidity control(eg so the mics cant be on while its being progected over the pa system in the room {major fedback}). ill try to remember to take pics of that and post them when im done.

i also got a computer that my grandparents were getting rid of to replace the old mac they have for composing music. mac. i shudder. anyway, its 1 gigihertz, 40 gig hd, 128 meg of ram (small i know, but it works) and xp sp2. i have it up and running and reformatted and i think its going to work out well. i actually sorta want it for myself because its 2x as fast as mine and has 2x bigger internal hd, but its a desktop, and i use exclusivly laptops.